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Executive Biographies

Mr. Fu Qiang (Samuel Fu)

Founder and Chairman

With 28 years of experience in the automotive industry, Mr. Fu Qiang has worked across product development, finance, marketing, and corporate management at a number of major global OEMs. Before co-founding Aiways, Mr. Fu was President and CEO of Volvo Cars China and previously held executive roles at Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, and FAW-Volkswagen.

Mr. Fu’s role at Aiways sees him take a particular interest in sales, marketing, and product development.

Dr. Gu Feng (Gary Gu)

CEO and Co-founder

Holding senior roles at some of China’s largest and most successful companies, Dr. Gu Feng has 20 years of industrial and consumer finance experience in the automotive and supply chain industry. Now holding the role of CEO and Co-founder of Aiways, Dr. Gu was previously Chief Finance Officer for SAIC and has also held executive roles at Shanghai Automotive Investment Management Co. Ltd, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association and Shanghai Accounting Association.

At Aiways, Dr. Gu has overarching responsibility for the company’s finances, investments, and consumer finance offerings.