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Electric State of Mind: Aiways presents digital activity hub for more connected communication
  • Tailored information: The campaign website “Electric State of Mind” is now being expanded by Aiways into a multimedia activity hub where customers, interested parties and journalists can find all the latest news about the brand bundled together
  • Digital source of inspiration: from vehicle information and company news, to EV advice topics and road trip recommendations, the Electric State of Mind platform offers a wide range of information and inspiration
  • Expanded contact options: The Activity Hub will enable even more intensive contact with the brand in the future and improved information around current and future products


Shanghai/Munich, May 24, 2023 – The dynamic premiere of the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé also marked the launch of the new “Electric State of Mind” multimedia platform. In the future, the brand’s digital activity hub will play a central role in communication with customers, interested parties and journalists, providing information about the models and the company as well as other inspiring content on the topic of electric mobility – so does the newly launched #LoveYourDrive content series for electric mobility enthusiasts.

The idea behind “Electric State of Mind” is as multi-layered as the platform itself. With the new communication campaign “Electric State of Mind”, Aiways wants to visualize the transition to electric mobility and offer holistic food for thought on the topic.

The “Electric State of Mind” aims to meet the challenges of switching to electric mobility

The challenge of switching to a battery-electric vehicle involves not only technological issues such as range and charging options, but above all emotional changes: These range from driving in a completely different way without noise and shifting gears to completely unknown calculating variables such as battery capacities.

This is where the “Electric State of Mind” campaign comes in. It stands for balance, focus and relaxation. It aims to counter concerns and reservations about making the switch by providing comprehensive information on the topic. It explains the multi-layered advantages of electromobility, such as its high efficiency and lower energy requirements, through to its positive environmental impact, in a neutral and non-judgmental way. In parallel, it aims to highlight the experience of owning and driving an electric vehicle – especially an Aiways U5 SUV and an Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé – and to focus on satisfaction.

From the press portal of the U6 SUV-Coupé to the activity hub of the Aiways brand.

The rollout of the “Electric State of Mind” portal started last month with the dynamic premiere of the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé. On the multimedia website, journalists and influencers found all the information they needed about the new lifestyle model, as well as routes, visuals and video footage, plus more in-depth information on sustainability, such as talks by the environmental organization “Movimento Claro,” big-wave surfer Joana Andrade and one-star chef André Cruz from the Feitoria restaurant.

The second step is now the launch of the public portal. All content on the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé will still be available, such as the large image galleries. In addition, the offering will be significantly expanded. In addition to the brand’s press releases, the Activity Hub will also feature advice on the day-to-day use of electromobility and recommendations for tours and trips.

Insight and outlook into a rapidly changing industry

“Our new digital Activity Hub is more than just a traditional website or newsroom,” explains Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways. “It’s about explaining the benefits of electric mobility to people. In doing so, we not only want to reach as many interested people as possible, but also offer existing customers added value. That’s why I’m especially looking forward to the road trip recommendations and, of course, my own podcast.”

Thematically, the new platform will not only deal with the existing models, but also with insights into the automotive industry and the current challenges of the industry in the podcast by Dr. Klose and his discussion partners. The “Electric State of Mind” portal will also always provide up-to-date information about news in the area of software, retrofits or future models.

You can now find the portal at


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About Aiways

Founded in 2017, Aiways is a Shanghai-based personal mobility provider with its European HQ in Munich, Germany. It was the first Chinese start-up to introduce an electric vehicle to the European market with the launch of the U5 in 2020 – a battery-electric SUV with impressive range, style, and quality. Aiways is rapidly continuing its expansion in Europe and beyond: order books are open in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Slovenia – with more markets to follow. The U5 SUV is produced at Aiways’ smart production facility in Shangrao – one of the most modern car production facilities in China. The IT-controlled processes with challenging quality gates follow the standards of Industry 4.0. With an initial production capacity of 150,000 units per annum, Aiways can increase this number to 300,000 units when global EV demand rises. Aiways’ next model for Europe will be the battery-electric U6 SUV-Coupé. With a focus on sophisticated aerodynamics, highly connected driving, safety technology, and a sporty design, the U6 SUV-Coupé is just the next chapter of Aiways’ promising future.