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“Wiesn-Wagen”: Aiways U5 SUV in VIP use at the Oktoberfest
  • White-blue one-off: With a special trunk extension and classic Bavarian wrapping, an Aiways U5 SUV to set off on its VIP mission around the Munich Oktoberfest.
  • Strong partners: Together with Hofbräu München and TV München, the “Wiesn-Wagen” will be used at the world’s largest folk festival
  • Commitment to the location: With this cooperation, Aiways Europe would like to underline its commitment to Munich as a location and combine the traditions of China and Europe.


Shanghai/Munich, September 15, 2022 Oktoberfest starts this weekend in Munich. The Wiesn, as it is popularly known, is the largest folk festival in the world with over six million visitors. Aiways has put a one-off U5 SUV on wheels for the 187th edition of the traditional event, which will be in VIP use as a “Wiesn-Wagen” throughout the event.


Under the title “Wiesn-Wagen”, Aiways, a provider of individual mobility solutions based in Shanghai, has created a very special one-off for this year’s Oktoberfest. Even at first glance, the white and blue diamonds of the Bavarian state flag can be recognized. The special Aiways U5 SUV will greet passers-by during the event days with an “O’zapft is!” on the front hood in the form of a graphic that combines a beer tap with a charging plug. On the sides of the vehicle there is a large logo that refers to the “Wiesn-Wagen” and on the inside of the panoramic glass roof the “Bavarian sky” shines on almost two square meters.

Variable interior: Microcamping conversion turns Aiways U5 SUV into a “Wiesn-Wagen”

With its unrivaled interior space, the Aiways U5 SUV is not only spacious and variable, but also versatile. In cooperation with e-microcamper, this resulted in a special kind of conversion. The microcamping kit, which normally also offers a bed for two people and a pull-out base cabinet for storage, has now been redesigned for its use in the “Wiesn-Wagen”. With an extendable drawer for a foldable beer table set (beer table and 2 beer benches), the Aiways U5 SUV “Wiesn-Wagen” now even offers space for 10 people outside the vehicle. Underneath the pull-out is an electrically operated cool box with a capacity for 20 bottles and is supplied with energy directly via the on-board power supply.

Strong partners: Hofbräu München and TV München to use the unique vehicle at the Oktoberfest

The Aiways U5 SUV “Wiesn-Wagen” will not only be on display directly at the festival grounds, but throughout the city. During the next two weeks, it will be used by the partners Hofbräu München and TV München as a VIP shuttle and will be used for special “CARaoke” formats. The daily Wiesn TV show reaches an average of 2.6 million viewers per day during the Oktoberfest and is an ideal stage to increase awareness of the still young Aiways brand in Bavaria/Germany/Europe.

Commitment to the location: Aiways Europe reaffirms its commitment to the European markets

The Aiways “Wiesn-Wagen” is intended to set an example of identification with the location of the Overseas headquarters in Munich. “We are delighted that our “Wiesn-Wagen” project has been able to get off the ground. With it, we can not only make our Aiways brand more visible and make a clear commitment to Europe as a location, but also connect traditions. I am therefore particularly pleased that the vehicle will go on tour after the Oktoberfest and bring Munich to the world,” explains Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways.

Worldwide tour of the “Wiesn-Wagen”: Visiting Hofbräu locations and China.

After the Oktoberfest ends on October 3, 2022, the Aiways U5 SUV “Wiesn-Wagen” will go on tour and first visit and be on display at some Hofbräu restaurants outside Munich. The destination of the tour is Aiways’ home country China, where the one-off will be on display in Shanghai, among other places.




Aiways contact for media inquiries

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About Aiways

Founded in 2017, Aiways is a Shanghai-based personal mobility provider with its European HQ in Munich, Germany. It was the first Chinese start-up to introduce an electric vehicle to the European market with the launch of the U5 in 2020 – a battery-electric SUV with impressive range, style, and quality. Aiways is rapidly continuing its expansion in Europe and beyond: order books are open in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Slovenia – with more markets to follow. The U5 SUV is produced at Aiways’ smart production facility in Shangrao – one of the most modern car production facilities in China. The IT-controlled processes with challenging quality gates follow the standards of Industry 4.0. With an initial production capacity of 150,000 units per annum, Aiways can increase this number to 300,000 units when global EV demand rises. Aiways’ next model for Europe will be the battery-electric U6 SUV-Coupé. With a focus on sophisticated aerodynamics, highly connected driving, safety technology, and a sporty design, the U6 SUV-Coupé is just the next chapter of Aiways’ promising future.