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Put a smile on your face with the Aiways U5 SUV
  • Spring is officially here, and there’s no better way to enjoy the improving weather and longer days than with a long-range EV
  • Emission-free family adventure awaits in the spacious Aiways U5 SUV
  • Beat the rising fuel prices and queues at the pumps by committing to battery electric mobility
  • EV buyers can purchase the all-electric U5 SUV for as little as €29,993, after incentives
  • Glimpse into the future of Aiways with the U6ion concept


Shanghai/Munich, March 23, 2022 – Shanghai-based mobility provider Aiways has shared some valuable EV maintenance tips and advice to help customers enjoy their electric vehicle to its full potential this spring. With the recent and ongoing rise in fuel prices, EV ownership has never been so attractive, and these simple pointers from Aiways make it easy to fall in love with ecomobility.

All drivers are familiar with the quick checks typically needed to keep their petrol or diesel vehicle running smoothly, and electric vehicles are no different. Before venturing out on a long road trip, it’s important drivers check a series of functions to ensure a stress-free and seamless journey. There’s no need to check the oil level in an EV, but simple checks to windscreen washer fluid levels and wiper blades will ensure maximum visibility in those April showers.

On spring mornings, owners of the U5 SUV can turn to the Aiways APP to control vehicle features remotely, such as warming the car’s interior from wherever they are. The Aiways APP also allows users to check the battery’s state of charge, set air-conditioning levels, and lock or unlock the doors, tailgate, or sunroof. If pre-heating the car before entry, it’s a good idea for EV users to hook up to a charger if they have a charging point at home. Pre-heating the battery and cabin while charging is a big thing drivers can do to sustain range.

As the weather starts to improve, it’s time to swap winter tires for summer ones, making sure to rotate their position when fitting. Tires are the vehicle’s connection to the road, so it’s important to regularly check pressure and tread to ensure safe and economical driving this spring. The Direct Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) in the U5 SUV helps keep on top of tire pressure via a dashboard display that warns the driver if the pressure drops, keeping the tread in optimum condition.

The new season is a good time to wash the harsh winter grime off paintwork and the vehicle’s underside. Road salt, grit, slush, and ice can take their toll on a car’s exterior, so spring is an ideal time to remove these winter reminders and maybe add a layer of wax for added protection.

These quick and easy tips help keep vehicles in perfect condition and may even help prevent expensive repairs. The powertrain of an EV can have as few as 20 moving parts, considerably less than some petrol or diesel engines with over 2000. This often makes EV servicing and maintenance much less costly than running an ICE vehicle.

Aiways was the first Chinese start-up to successfully launch an EV in Europe with its U5 SUV. The company has boldly entered new markets, offering technical excellence, appealing style and advanced EV technology at an affordable price. EV buyers can purchase the all-electric U5 SUV for as little as €29,993, after incentives, in more than 14 European countries. The Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé will join the line-up later this year, appealing to new and existing Aiways customers looking to cultivate an active lifestyle in 2022.

March saw the U6ion concept embark on a European roadshow, which started in Antwerp, Belgium and will visit eight other European countries over the coming months. The U6ion is a very close representation of the final U6 SUV-Coupé model, which will go into production at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shangrao, China, later this year.


About Aiways 


Founded in 2017, Aiways is a Shanghai-based personal mobility provider with its European HQ in Munich, Germany. It was the first Chinese start-up to introduce an electric vehicle to the European market with the launch of the U5 in 2020 – a battery-electric SUV with impressive range, style, and quality. Aiways is rapidly continuing its expansion in Europe and beyond: order books are open in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Slovenia – with more markets to follow. The U5 SUV is produced at Aiways smart production facility in Shangrao – one of the most modern car production facilities in China. The IT- controlled processes with challenging quality gates follow the standards of Industry 4.0. With an initial production capacity of 150,000 units per annum, Aiways can increase this number to 300,000 units when global EV demand rises. Aiways’ next model for Europe will be the battery-electric U6 SUV-Coupé. With a focus on sophisticated aerodynamics, highly connected driving, safety technology, and a sporty design, the U6 SUV-Coupé is just the next chapter of Aiways’ promising future.​

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