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AIWAYS steps up methanol fuel cell development
  • AIWAYS to become first Chinese vehicle manufacturer to commercialize methanol fuel cell technology in passenger vehicles
  • All-new methanol fuel cell EV platform from AIWAYS to be displayed at CIIE 2019 from 5 November
  • Move into methanol fuel cell technology signals AIWAYS intention to diversify product portfolio for Chinese and global markets

Shanghai, China, 4 November – AIWAYS is set to become the first Chinese vehicle manufacturer to commercialize methanol fuel cell technology in passenger vehicles – with the latest advancements to be revealed at the 2019 China International Import Expo (CIIE) this month.

An all-new methanol fuel cell EV platform from AIWAYS will be displayed for the first time at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai from Tuesday 5 November to Sunday 10 November, signaling AIWAYS’ intention to diversify its electric vehicle line-up for Chinese and global markets.

Earlier in 2019, AIWAYS became a shareholder in Blue World Technologies – a Danish developer and manufacturer of methanol fuel cell components and systems – with a view to collaborating on new energy vehicle development. The methanol fuel cell technology is more efficient, environmentally friendly and convenient to use than traditional methanol fuel and hydrogen vehicles.

The methanol fuel cell effectively acts as a range-extender by producing energy to charge the small battery pack. It also offers a rapid refueling capability, without generating harmful pollutants when that fuel is consumed. Using methanol as fuel provides an opportunity to utilize the existing fueling infrastructure, and, when using green methanol produced from renewable sources, is CO2 neutral. The technology has already been implemented in the electric supercar, Gumpert Nathalie, which was developed at AIWAYS’ cutting-edge engineering centre in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Speaking at the recent ‘Methanol Vehicles and Fuel Transportation Fuelling Equipment Exhibition’, held in Chongqing, China, Wu Wei, the Vice President of AIWAYS said: “As a smart mobility provider, AIWAYS is committed to developing green alternatives to fossil-fuel combustion engines. We have been actively exploring non-polluting, low-cost, and high-performance sustainable energy power to solve issues surrounding electric vehicles, including perceived range anxiety.

“By developing this new methanol fuel cell technology we have overcome the usual obstacles associated with hydrogen vehicle adoption – namely safe storage and practical refuelling. In doing so, we’ve also been able to reduce development costs and improve driving range – two big positives for future AIWAYS customers,” he added.

At the methanol fuel cell event in Chongqing, AIWAYS demonstrated its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of transportation in accordance with guidelines laid out by the Chinese government. In March this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and other eight ministries and commissions jointly issued the ‘Guiding Opinions on the Application of Methanol Vehicles’. These guidelines stated that the application of methanol fuel in vehicles should be accelerated due to the technology’s low-carbon footprint.


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